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A meeting place. Where time stands still, the weary find rest and the adventurous play.

St Fort has been in the Goldblatt family since 1964. We are country folk at heart. Time is measured by the sun and the changing seasons, and things happen as they should, slow and steady. Not surprisingly, St Fort has always been characterized as an open home with warm hospitality and a big heart. Stepping onto St Fort takes one back to a bygone era when life was simpler. Through the years friends and family would come to St Fort for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. They would find rest for the body and restoration for the soul by taking in the beauty of the place, walking and breathing in fresh mountain air, and of course being well fed with home baked fair. Not much has changed as the family continue to share the magnificence of St Fort with the weary and adventurous alike.
In the latter part of the nineties the sandstone farm house was converted into a comfortable and homely guest house, aptly named St Fort Country House. This home-stead is perfect for hosting families needing time away, couples escaping their hum-drum lives or friends catching up in the hearty home where the sense of space and freedom is inescapable.
In 1999 the Goldblatt’s daughter and son-in-law were married at St Fort. The barn was cleared which made for a rustic venue and wedding guests were enthralled by the setting. Little did they know that the decision to be married at St Fort would change the course of things to come! In 2011 the Goldblatt’s son and daughter-in-law followed suite. This time around, a kitchen and much needed bathroom facilities were added to the barn. And so the wedding venue was born with many brides and grooms enjoying the privilege and splendour of getting married at St Fort.
Over the years the hiking trails were laid out for visitors to enjoy and most recently a mountain bike trail has been added for the adventurous in spirit.
St Fort is truly a gem nestled in the Eastern Free State Highlands and it is our joy to share with you the beauty of this place.

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